Hello world!

Welcome to Braylon Live.  A blog that is and stays real with what is going on in the world today. I hope that this blog will show you that it is ok to be real. And what I will be blogging about  will be about life. And this blog’s purpose is to be real but with a christian perspective on topics like dating, self-esteem, college life, and more. And it will not always be a serious blog, it will be a fun blog as well like should American Idol go off the air for good, if you won a million dollars plus college was paid for what would you do and more.

So many blogs talk but don’t want to respond to what they say, so I hope that this blog will be different than other blogs because I don’t want you to just read my blog I want you to be apart of it.  So get ready for Real Talk. Real Inspiration! on Current events with a positive spin. Life is a adventure and in that adventure is a experience. So hold on because here we go.

Know what you do and Do what you know.

Braylon Lee


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