First day of college was interesting I went to class at 9am instead of 10am, went to my next class at 11am and found out that we have to do a blog and finally running to my 1pm class really made my day. So that was my first day in college what a day!!!

Now as everyone knows Regis Philbin has stepped down from Live! and they have been rotating co-hosts but the one that has been on Live the most nine times to be exact is Michael Strahan and Broadcasting and Cable is saying Michael Strahan maybe the new host. And I think he should because he has natural chemistry not made for tv chemistry,he is funny and real and he knows how to be himself and not put on a act. September 4th, 2012 is the day when we find out who is kelly’s co-host.


I LOVE< LOVE< LOVE Michael Strahan. He is pefect as the new co-host. He & Kelly have great chemistry and you can tell that Kelly absolutely adores him. She always looks so sad when she has to say goodbye to him at the end of a show. I’ve voted for Michael from the beginning. I’ll say it again….I LOVE THAT BIG BLACK MAN & I’m a little, white middle aged woman!!!!!!


Why not Chris Brown. The ladies love him and he knows how to treat them. He would be incredible.



Now what if they got rid of Kelly and started from scratch with new hosts who would they be? For the female co-host it would be KeKe Palmer and the reason why is because she has that personality that makes you want to enjoy your life and morning a little bit more plus she is smart, sassy, funny, real, sexy and will always have something new to say.

And for male co-host it would be me- Braylon Lee and the reason why is because I am a down to earth kind of guy that’s curious about what is going on in the world today. I am a News Junkie basically I like knowing what is going on in the news also I like learning something new everyday because when you learn something new the more you will grow. I have the gift of gab whether talking to everyday people or a celebrity I can make a connection in the conversation and learn from the conversation.

So there you go college and live all in one post. So what do you think? Who should should fill in regis shoes and who do you think should be my co-host let me know what you think in the comments.

Remember, Know what you do and Do what you know.

Braylon Lee


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