I’m Back

Sorry I have been away for a while. I have been going though a lot ups and downs but I am back now. And a lot has happened like just now they announced who will be joining mariah carey on american idol: Keith Urban, Randy Jackson is back and Nicki Minaj. Now to me and I don’t know if it is just me but American Idol have overstayed their welcome and the reason why I say that is because when we talk about Idol or if we ever talk about Idol we usually talk about the bad auditions.

But out of everybody I have seen everyone is talking about Nicki, here are some “Thoughts” from facebook:

Jill Dickson On what planet is Nicki Minaj a suitable candidate for a judge’s seat? She has no talent. She has zero to no history. Oh and did I mention she has no talent? I’m so sad. You were on the right track with Mariah and Keith Urban. You blew it and every ounce of credibility you had in choosing Nicki Minaj. #yuck #gross# #notalentbeeatch #areyoueffingkiddingme? #Hello Voice and X-Factor!
Amanda R Zill Morse Keith’s the saving grace, if you ask me. I wasn’t planning on watching it, to be honest. I get Mariah being a judge…yes, she’s a little crazy, but she has decades of experience under her belt. Nicki Minaj, I think is a waste of a judge. that’s my personal opinion. I think they should’ve stuck with 3 judges and kept it Randy, Mariah & Keith. At least then it would’ve been respected people in the music industry with longevity. And by the way, didn’t AI learn it’s lesson with having a 4 judge panel? IT WASN’T A SUCCESSFUL SETUP!!
Kelly Mays No more AI for me! Nicki Minaj as a judge? What’s her talent?! The Voice is taking over anyways….. poor choice in a judge. Ratings will fall.
And those are some of the comments about the new panel. Well it is good to be back blogging.
Know what you do and do what you know.
Braylon Lee

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