Hi everyone. I have a question for you are their any 90’s kids out there? Of course their are. Do you remember Nickeloedon Studios? The place for kids to rule and be a kid. I remember coming home, turning on the tv and see dave, jessica and jonah on slimetime live. This past weekend I watched Legends of the hidden temple, Double Dare, Double Dare 2000, and Slimetime live and it reminded me of the quality televison we used to have. A lot of were upset when we heard that nickelodeon studios was closing and we want to know why, right? Well I did some research and here is what I found:

The facility closed because the network’s viewers stopped watching game shows and wanted more scripted shows….the exact kind of program Nickelodeon could not stage in Orlando because actors refused to move from Los Angeles to Orlando.

bewarethedecks 3 years ago

Nickelodeon had no choice. Interest in game shows dried up in the late 90’s/early 2000’s. When shows were produced at the facility, Nickelodeon had trouble finding kids to sit in the audiences. The number of visitors to the Studios dropped like a rock even on days when the rest of Universal Studios was packed. With waning interest in the Studios and no chance of being able to produce regular programming there, Nickelodeon still held on till 2005, but the situation was hopeless.

bewarethedecks in reply to doctorwhogirl28 (Show the comment) 4 weeks ago

And a lot of people thought that the blue man group ruined nickelodeon studios, I found out some information about that too.

Nickelodeon Studios had been empty for 18 months before Blue Man Group entered into the picture.

BMG had nothing to do with the closing of Nickelodeon Studios, but people continue to blame them.

BMG is only 1 of multiple groups that now use the facility.

Sun Sports and FSN are also in there and none of these 3 organizations are responsible for what happened to Nickelodeon Studios.

bewarethedecks 3 years ago

And here are a couple of my favorites:

I promise you guys if I ever have a billion dollars I will buy back nickelodeon studios and the land it sits on. We will have our slime geyser return

pennjersey83 3 months ago

3 ways to get the studio back.

1)write them

2)pay to open it back up

3)sneak into the park and paint the building orange blue and green and buy the sign back and they will be to lazy to paint it blue again.than buy the slim gyser off of ebay.

please reply!!!

angel12235 4 years ago 3 

Well every one want’s to know: do we want nickeloden studios to re-open and stay open? YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well what do you think? do you want nickeloden studios to re-open and stay open? Why or Why not? I want to know. Leave a comment

Know what you do and do what you know.

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