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Here is what I think about nickelodeon studios. I think it should come back because  that was the real reason why kids wanted to go to universal studios orlando to be on tv. And it was their first first production studio. In spring 1989, they filmed its first show there, Super Sloppy Double Dare. On June 7, 1990, the studio (along with the park) officially opened. The facility was a working studio where many Nickelodeon and Nickelodeon GAS shows were produced, with the first being Double Dare. It consisted of soundstages 18 and 19, along with a central building between them that housed both Nickelodeon production offices, dressing rooms, makeup rooms, the Gak Kitchen, and the Game Lab live show located on Stage 17 for guests of Universal Studios Florida. Soundstage 21, located directly behind Stages 17 and 18, was also part of the production facility in the early 1990s when a larger sound stage was needed for the taping of Nickelodeon/Global Guts. Stage 21 was not “owned” or part of the studio contract Nickelodeon had with Universal, but was leased separately for the time of their productions on it.

While Nick Studios was in production there were many orange benches scattered around the facility, incorporating shapes like a human footprint, carrot, finger, cruise ship, wave, cloud, etc., reflecting the network’s station IDs. Some of these benches have been moved to the “Control Room” at Jimmy Neutron’s Nicktoon Blast. Also scattered around the property were Nicktoons cutouts for photo opportunities. A gift shop was also located near the Slime Geyser, featuring then-popular Nickelodeon characters on the front of the building.

Now when it closed I was upset because I never got the chance to get on the slimeulator and get slimed. Plus I wanted to see what it took to make nickelodeon well nickelodeon.

Check this out and you will see what I mean: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8H0JIILfoM&feature=related

Now if,  no wait you have to speak what you want into the atmosphere when Nickelodeon Studios re-opens and stays open here are the shows that should be there:

  1. Legends of the Hidden Temple- being apart of the adventure
  2. Double Dare 2000- getting to make a mess and not get in trouble
  3. Figure It Out- find out hidden talents and make a mess at the same time
  4. Nickelodeon Guts- to see if you can make it to the end
  5. Slime Time Live- The chance to live every kids dream: TO GET SLIMED
  6. Fun House- Get to run around in a house
  7. Go For It! TV-  To see if you can be a teamplayer
  8. Wild and Crazy Kids- be a kid: WILD AND CRAZY
  9. Slime Wars
  10. Nickelodeon SPLAT!- Get to be apart of the show

Now number nine is new and I thought of this new show and it was inspired by KCA 2012. Do you remember when will smith did target practice with that cool slime gun and we never saw it used in the show well think about this 2 teams, 3 mins and one victorious team.

Now here are a couple of facts: Having the studios in a theme park also was perfect for finding contestants for the many game shows Nickelodeon Studios was putting out at the time.  Auditions were constantly held for kids and families for their various shows. 

The first major show to boast casting straight of the park, and by far the most successful (both before and after Nick Studios) was Family Double Dare.

Signs were posted at the gates, and all throughout the theme park, displaying what shows would be in production that day.  Lines would form outside of the studio door and when the time came, the lucky patrons were filed in and packed like sardines in the icy cold studio to watch a piece of now-Nickelodeon history made. 

Game Lab changed over the years quite a bit.  Its gimmick was that you were testing games that would appear on Nickelodeon game shows in the future.  But truthfully, there are all kinds of waivers and legalities involved to actually test games for shows and Game Lab’s games were well pre-tested.  The “set” for Game Lab was originally a white room with orange decor and was very brightly lit. 

Anyone who went to Game Lab knew though, that the climax of the whole experience was that one lucky kid was going to be slimed.  This wasn’t the cheap stuff either, this was the REAL Nickelodeon slime.  The kid was selected at the beginning of Game Lab and taken backstage to change into a Double Dare-esque outfit while the show went on.  When it came time, the kid entered like a rock star and sat in a little pool where he/she was given his/her crowning glory.  The crowd counted down, the lights went crazy and the slime came down. 

So what do you think? I know it is a lot of info but hey someone has to do it. Should Nickelodeon Studios Re-open and stay open? leave me a comment.

here is a little something, something that I heard:

i hear rumors that nick studios will open.some dude on youtube said it wil be rebuild on the empty lot of the original hard rock cafe close to woody woodpeckers kidszone. some other person in wiki answers said that they asked an employee and they said that it will reopen On the fear factor space (even though i heard its permanent closure for fearfactor will never happen). who knows if its true or not?

universalnickelodeon 2 months ago

According to the Facebook page “Let’s Bring Back The old Nickelodeon”, a mutual friend of one of the moderators works at [Universal Orlando Resort] and said that the Studio Tour for Nick Studios is back in the works, due to people trying to break in all year round. However, I am somewhat skeptical of this considering [Blue Man Group] just renovated their show this year. But, being a Nick AND [a Universal Orlando Resort]  fanboy for life, I am needlessly excited. Therefore, I would heavily enjoy this word being spread throughout the theme park community, so if it is indeed true the word will spread so fast to the point that they can’t deny it (Just like the Potter expansion and SS44)…

And check this out:

 Anonymous said…

To me, Nick Studios had a experience like no other. People would run to the studio as soon as the park opened to have the thrill of being on television. Not to mention, people made money off of Nick Studios! People paid like a hundred bucks for tickets per person and ended up winning it right back on top of a N64, a computer, etc. on Double Dare 2000. Nick Studios is also a strange attraction given its closing. Not only did Blue Man Group only occupy one part of the whole setup, but half of the tech materials are sitting there collecting dust! People know that this is a goldmine of childhood memories and proceed to break into the stuff because they love not only the multitude of shows made there, but they loved the whole experience. So for Nick Studios to be barely redone, with all of these goodies randomly about, and the apparent fan base driven enough to get kicked out of universal for breaking and entering for Pete’s sake. I think all it would require is a large group of fans support and it could reopen like nothing. Little would need done to reopen it anyways.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012 10:29:00 PM EDT


Anonymous said…

Nickeldeon Studios coming back would make me incredibly happy! I was able to walk through a normally off-limits area for grad bash 2011 and was able to see the many production plaques that listed all the nick shows filmed there. Nick Studios is a historical landmark in the world of TV and Film! It deserves preservation.


Monday, August 6, 2012 4:41:00 PM EDT 

Well this is all I have for now. Until then Know what you do and do what you know.

Braylon Lee


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