Well Hi everyone college is no joke, if you have always wanted to go on a adventure go to college. College to me is like a tv show, please let me explain: All the bulidings I think of as studios so for example for one of my class I go to Rothwell so I call that Rothwell studios. Now when you are on a tv show or on a movie they give you a schedule with the times and where you are suppose to be and so that is my way to get to class on time pretend I have to be on set. Also teamwork when you are on a team it is very different than working by yourself so you have to find where you fit and go with it. Your team may not like you but it doesn’t matter if they like you or not it is about giving it your all as a teamplayer. So I am a freshman and I still have a whole lot of learning to go. And still got to make it to the “studios” the bulidings and be on “set” the classroom on time.

Know wwhat you do and do what you know.

Braylon Lee


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