GMA: Good Morning America

Check out a little bit of this article from the New York Times:

In a telephone interview, Mr. Bell offered numerous reasons that “GMA” had taken over as the regular leader in the morning news competition, including the sheer difficulty of maintaining dominance for so long. But he pointed in particular to what he called the difference in the show’s approaches, calling “Today” a “more serious show” and accusing “GMA” of “doing something else.”

Asked if he was suggesting “GMA” was now a tabloid-style program, Mr. Bell said, “That’s what I’m saying.”

ABC News on Wednesday responded by first pointing to the scoreboard. “I think the audience has spoken loud and clear about its preference in the morning,” said Julie Townsend, spokeswoman for ABC News.

Now to me if you you watch The Today Show it is bland they start having fun the 3rd and 4th hour and they don’t have the upbeat energy tthought the show liek Good Morning America does. GMA has energy about everything and guess what JIM BELL: THEY HAVE FUN AND HAVE ENERGY THOUGH OUT THE WHOLE SHOW. WHICH IS TWO HOURS LONG. It is so sad when a competing morning show knows what they are doing and America’s So-Called “NUMBER ONE MORNING SHOW” sticks with tradtition. Just Saying.

Also while you are at it JIM BELL and everyone talk a look at this:

Has GMA gone Tabloid?

Yes, That’s Why I Watch  3.81% 

Other:  4.45%   

No, I’ve Just Moved on from ‘Today’  12.33%   

Yes, I’ve tuned out  18.81%

I Don’t Watch Either ‘Today’ or ‘GMA’  24.4%

No, The Show is Just More Engergized  36.21%

Majority Says: IT IS JUST MORE ENGERGIZED. You may be the excecutive producer but you still don’t know everything, don’t care how much experience you have sill have a lot to learn.

Know what you do and do what you know.

Braylon Lee


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