My Talk Show

Hey, guys in my last post I talked about GMA and if you want to vote on the poll here is where you need to go: and here are some comments:

TODAY is a more serious show? is he bloody kidding me? what did they do on the 9/11 memorial day? they opted for the bloody Kardashians. SERIOUSLY?

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GMA doesn’t take itself too seriously, yet they’re grown-ups (well, mostly, we’ll see at Halloween).  I’ve always watched WABC/GMA in the am and CBS at 11pm (Letterman; used to watch WNBC at 11pm before).  Matt is too full of it, but I tune in just to check on the team occasionally.  Savannah is awful and a bad fit for Matt. The Today team takes themselves too seriously. The Today Olympics shows were bad. 

And my personal favorite:

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No GMA anchors are professional but have fun. The Today Show staff takes themselves a little to seriously.

And now I am trying to do something I have NEVER done before a talk show. Yep, a talkshow. The reasons why I want to do a talk show is one to meet more people, two I want to do something that I want to remember from the good days at college and three to see if I can actually do this. Yes, with cameras, a production team, tech crew, live studio audience, guests and a studio. Now I have done my reasearch on making a talk show thanks to ehow. Thank You Ehow. I have 33 themes, to me themes are the solution to topics because topics you always have to think about it with a theme you can play with and have more of a open discussion about the theme instead on just one topic still trying to put it together but I believe that this will be a great adventure.

Know what you do and do what you know.

Braylon Lee


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