A question and 106

Hi I have a question for you: Which 4G phone are you putting in your pocket?

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So what do you think?

Now today on 106 and park Terrence J and Rosci said good bye to hosting 106 and park. The celebration was hosted by  La La Anthony and Pooch Hall. They went and looked at their audition tape to host 106 and park, got to see how rosci turned into rosci, Got to see terrence j “turned up” pretty funny stuff, what the livest audience means to them, terrence and rosci’s best moments from hosting 106 and a final goodbye that made all the 106 famliy happy.

And in taped video messages, several celebrities wish their gratitude for Terrence J and Rocsi. Some were celebrities taped their good wishes and some came in person to wish them well. Now to me they really did a good job hosting 106 and park to me because the show has so much history,  having the livest audience on television, known for their interviews and party like atmosphere so think about hosting the livest party on tv everyday a Pretty big position if you ask me. Now BET had the search for the next host of 106 and park I was going to upload a video butI shot it on my phone and didn’t know how to upload from my phone to bet’s website for the search plus I am in college.

But I am not going to lie it would have been nice to win, anyway everyone is wondering who the new hosts are? well we have to wait for one weekend and then they will be revealed on Monday 5pm on BET check your local listings.

I will watch to see how the new duo does and will blog about it, so I can’t wait. Hopefully I will have my shot of hosting 106 and park soon or maybe host something or create a new show and host it the possibilities are endless for me.

And check this out:

BET’s ‘106 & Park’ Is Not Being Canceled

Posted 9/20/12 12:50 pm EST by in Music News

By Colin Greten

BET’s “106 & Park” will not be ending its twelve year run after all, amidst rumors that began with a now-deleted message from the show’s Twitter account. Yesterday, “106 & Park’s” account reportedly posted that September 28th, 2012 would be the last episode of the popular countdown program. After a short time the tweet was deleted, but not before it was seen by many, sparking rumors that the show would be done after Terrence J and Rocsi left.

In May, the show’s long-time hosts Terrence J and Rocsi both announced that they would be leaving at the end of September and the tweet lead some viewers to believe that the program would disappear with them. Tweets from frantic fans even reached, Stephen Hill, BET’s President of Music Programming. A short while later @106andpark tweeted once again, this time officially putting rumors to rest, stating that the show would return October 1st with new hosts. The show plans to give Terrence J and Rocsi a proper farewell, and start fresh with their new hosts.

So there you go. By the way Once A upon A time will be on at 7pm on ABC check your local listings  I will blog about the  premiere of OUAT aka Once A Upon A Time season 2 .

And the Razorbacks game will be on ABC at 11:20am check your local listings.

Know what you do and do what you know.

Braylon Lee


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