Honesty, if you did it do not blame it on GOD.

Hey guys, I have heard stories some stories more wrong than others. But this WOW, check it out:

Police arrest a woman from Florida who tries to shake a ticket by, of all things, blaming her speeding on the Lord. She was charged with reckless driving.

Apart from speeding, 41-year-old Melissa Marie Miller of Port St. Lucie was noisily sounding her horn, which is strictly outside legal guidelines.

She was driving on U.S. Route 1, going 100 mph (160 km/h) in a 30 mph (40 km/h) zone, a report by the Palm Beach Post reveals. She was not easy to miss, as she sounded her horn for about 10 seconds, while sticking her arm out the window.

As she reached the 600 block of U.S. 1 in a silver Toyota, she was spotted by an officer who started pursuing her. She wouldn’t stop at his signal, speeding up instead, and had to be chased by the police vehicle.

She swerved across lanes before finally being stopped. When the officer asked her what motivated her to use the horn and speed up she was passing him, she explained God was behind it.

“Because I was letting the Lord spirit guide me,” she said, stressing how the Lord told her to do it.

As she pulled up on Virginia Avenue and the chase came to an end, the officer asked Miller if she knew how fast she was going.

“Yes, 100 mph,” she responded. She did apologize for going over the legal limit, however.

Miller is also facing charges for violation of her terms of probation, following a hit and run incident, which resulted in an injured party. The resident of Northwest Marsala Terrace was taken to St. Lucie County Jail on Tuesday, November 20, and her bail was set to $375, police reports say.

Honestly, if I am not mistaken I believe that GOD want us to live and not die by doing stupid, I mean really GOD let you to go 100mph really? I think that this person did not want to admit to what she did but of all people GOD. WOW. I really want to know what you think about this. Leave me a comment.

Know what you do and do what you know.

Braylon Lee


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