40th post- Another top 10

Top 10 Obscure Forms of Government

We’ve all heard of a democracy, a republic, and probably a monarch-type government. In the past, there have been monarchs ruling society, tyrants, enlightened despots, and so many other types of leaders. In the end, it’s safe to say that the world has seen several different types of governments over the centuries

Even in today’s world, different governments rule different countries. Despite the idea of Westernization of the world and the thought of “spreading democracy,” there are plenty of countries and areas in the world that aren’t ruled by the widely-known democracy, or even a republic. In the end there are plenty of different governments that exist in the world today. Here’s a list of the top 10 forms of government you’ve probably never heard of

10. Meritocracy

A meritocracy is a type of government that appointments people to work but they are given certain responsibilities based on their ability and talent, instead of focusing on family connections, wealth, or popularity. In a meritocracy, those who are able to show their talent are the ones rewarded.

9. Diarchy

A diarchy is a government in which two diarchs are made heads of the state. Many times, these diarchs are rulers until their death, or until the power is passed on to a family member or child.

8. Kleptocracy

Kleptocracy is a government similar to a plutocracy where a few people rule, but only rule because of their wealth. However, with a kleptocracy, those who are already rich generally start to embezzle money from those beneath them, making themselves even richer.

7. Exilarchy

An exilarchy is a government that is usually monarchic or theocratic that has rule over a certain religious sect of ethnic group rather than being in control of the entire society. The ruler, called an exilarch, is usually one that is honored and is powerful in a certain religion or ethnic group.

6. Plutocracy

A plutocracy is a government where the wealthiest people in society have the most power. This means that economic inequality is generally at a high, while social mobility is extremely low

5. Ochlocracy

First used in Polybius’ Histories, an ochlocracy is a government that consists of a mass of people, or a mob. Today, this type of government is generally called a mobocracy. An ochlocracy has no clear authority at all. This means that only dispute or questions that arise are usually contended and then closed of shut off generally by brute force, commonly seen as “might makes right.”

4. Minarchism

Minarchism basically states that the government should have minimal function, especially when playing into the lives of individuals. The government theory states that the only legitimate function that the state has is to protect each individual from aggression. Those who believe in monarchism see government as a necessary evil, but agree that a state does need to exist in order to protect the life, liberty, and property of those they are ruling.

3. Technocracy

Definitely an odd government, a technocracy is a government in which scientists and technical experts rule. A technocracy does not depend on political capital; instead those in charge are selected based upon how much knowledge they know about certain technical aspects. The most knowledgeable are put into power of their own specialized section to provide for efficient and effective administrative functions. For example, a few medical experts would be in charge of the entire health care system, or public education experts would control the public education system

2. Ethnocracy

Said to be non-democratic by nature, an ethnocracy is a government where the top officials of a certain ethnic group hold all of the power. This generally means one religious sect, race, or language is said to dominate every other option politically. This ethnic group is generally the minority in the location, meaning that minorities are generally discriminated against by the state itself and may be subject to human rights violations and repression.

1. Timocracy

Timocracy is definitely a government that many haven’t heard of or seen. A timocracy is a government based on the ideas that only property owners may participate in government, but those who are elected to rule are generally those who have a strong love and need for honor.
Know what you do and do what you know.
Braylon Lee

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