A disney top 10

Disney movies are special to all of us even if you don’t want to admit it. You are a disney movie fan and it is ok, so for this top 10 it goes out to all disney movie lovers. Check this out.

Top 10 Ways To Make The Pixar Sequels Awesome

The good citizens of Sequelsville welcome its newest member: Pixar!  The success of the Toy Story sequels, along with Cars 2 because God hates us all, has apparently made Pixar as sequel-happy as anybody else.  Monsters Inc. 2, a prequel to the original hit, is slated for next year.  Sure glad they’re tying up all those loose ends regarding how silly cartoon monsters learned how to become silly cartoon monsters

10.  Toy Story 4

9.  The Incredibles 2

8.  Brave 2

7.  Wall-E 2

6.  Finding Nemo 2

5.  A Bug’s Life 2

4.  Cars 3

3.  Monster’s Inc. 3

2.  RataTWOille

1.  Up 2

Well what do you guys think? what movie should Pixar-Disney should be making right now? My pick is Wall-E 2. What is yours. Leave me a comment.

Know what you do and do what you know.

Braylon Lee


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