A story

Well 45 blog posts in and I have to say it has been a wild ride. Well there is a story I need to tell and it happened at Arkansas Tech University. I went to TechTv studios to rent a camera to shoot video of kayaking.Now I had a SD Card but I had to borrow it. So me and two guys got to lake bona diea and I interviewed someone about kayaking and it was a good interview just did some rookie mistakes. By the way this was my 1st package- tv term for story. So I said if I can try kayaking, mind you I have never done it before. So got into the kayak and was doing good until I used my paddle to touch a buoy and I tipped over the kayak and fell in, I was scared but then I got pulled in. So what is the moral of this story. Be careful and if you do mess up it is ok and it is ok to laugh at youself.

Know what you do and do what you know.

Braylon Lee



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