Well I hope everyone had a good thanksgiving.  I went home for thanksgiving, it was nice to take a break from college life. So I stayed at home for five days and it  was nice. Thanksgiving day was good I had my thanksgiving dinner from Lindsey’s barbeque in North Little Rock and it was good too. I ate rolls, trukey, and snickerdoodle cookies with a coke, a sprite and water- not at the same time. Saw my cousins from Texas it was good to see them they are actually cool cousins to have. The one think I did not like was the work I had to do I got most of it done. Here is a tip do all your work so you can enjoy the break. Because a break is supposed to be: A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!! Now semester exams and then Christmas. I can not wait.

Know what you do and do what you know.

Braylon Lee

Bonus: If you think you don’t get anything for Christmas, you do: Being alive, Celebrate Christmas freely and make memories with friends and family. Now if you remember you get those gifts every Christmas, you will actually appreciate The True Meaning Of Christmas a whole lot more.


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