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Hey guys, now the top 10’s you have been seeing have came from It is a really cool website home of well top 10’s. Check it out but before that check this out from Askmen.

Top 10: Ways To Know She Is Using You

No.10 Just in it for the associations

Are you someone famous, in a band, or a sports team? Are any of your friends any of the above? If you find your girlfriend is more interested in what you do, the people you hang with, the events you get invited to or the networks you hang with, then it’s obvious she’s in it for all the wrong reasons. A good way to test it is to cancel all events for a month and just stay at home on the couch. If she’s still hanging around after that then she might be the real deal.

No.9 Just wants a soundboard

Another good way of knowing if you’re being used is if you find yourself constantly lending an ear to hours and hours of drama yet as soon as you open your mouth about the crappy day you had at work, she disappears to the kitchen. It’s possible that your partner just needs someone to hear her moan on about her pathetic life and you happen to be providing the shoulder for her to cry on.

No.8 Never asks you to meet her friends or family

If you have been together for a while and you’ve still not had the opportunity to meet her family nor have you spent much time with her friends, then there’s a good chance she’s not really seeing you as someone who will play an important role in her future plans. If a girl is genuinely interested in you, chances are she’ll want to show you off to everyone close to her right from the outset. If this doesn’t happen, you’re no doubt being played.

No.7 Only contacts you before 5pm

If you find that your girlfriend only contacts you during work hours and is constantly asking work-related questions then it is entirely feasible that you are nothing but a rung on her ladder of desired career success. If she mentions the word ‘promotion’ mid-coitus then you can assume she is attempting to sleep her way to the top and you’ve just been played.

No.6 Only contacts you after 10pm

Of course there are worse problems to have but if you find your girlfriend is only contacting you after 10pm and usually via sms then it’s possible you are her booty call. Congratulations. Likewise if she gags you every time you open your mouth and tends to leave in the middle of the night. Again, respect.

No.5 Never wants to meet your friends

If your girlfriend is constantly finding new ways to talk her way out of meeting all your friends then it’s possible she’s using you. While the reasons why may vary, her intentions are undeniable. If she’s not interested in meeting the people you spend time with then she’s obviously not imagining being a part of your long-term future.

No.4 She starts getting the bus when your car goes in for a service

Notice she always seems to delay her exit to work until you head for your car? Notice that she seems to constantly find a way to convince you that driving her somewhere is better than letting her walk or take a bus. Notice that when your car went in for a service, you suddenly didn’t hear from her for a week. Yes fool, you’re being used.

No.3 Keeps wanting catchups with your friend Bob

Beware the girl who is constantly asking to do things with a certain one of your friends. If you wake up hungover on a Sunday morning after a friend’s BBQ and she mumbles ‘gosh it was nice to see Bob again’, note it down. If Wednesday rolls around and she says over the dinner table ‘you know what? I’ve been thinking and I reckon we should get Bob over’, note it down as well. If she comes home from work one night and says ‘oh hey, bumped into Bob and we’re going to go catch a flick, are you keen?’ then you have a problem.

No.2 Keeps asking about how rich your parents are

Every time you hang up the phone to your parents she’s there in your face asking ‘oh so how’s your mum? Healthy? Still full of beans then? Gonna live for a bit yet you reckon?”. Heed the warning; if your girlfriend seems overly concerned about how rich your parents are or how their health is faring then there’s a solid chance you’re being used.

No.1 She never pays for food

Notice that every time you go out to dinner or order takeaway, you’re left holding the bill? Sure chivalry is nice and will be paid back in certain ways, but there needs to be some balance. If you find that every time a meal comes to an end your girlfriend has excused herself for the bathroom as soon as the mints have arrived, there’s a good chance you’re being played for a fool. Solution: start taking her to McDonalds. Or take her somewhere nice, order up big, wait for her bathroom visit and sneak out the door.

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Well guys and gals what do you think about this top 10 do you agree or disagree. Leave me a comment.

Know what you do and do what you know.
Braylon Lee

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