#galaxycampus #day1

#galaxycampus #day1

Day one of the samsung galaxy experience at kent state university #GoingIntoTheGalaxy


Going into the galaxy #ItIsGoodToBeBack

Well its good to be back I have missed blogging. Funny how blogging how help your life I believe the direction for my blog has changed I believe that we are all connected by experiences. So this blog will be about interests, stories and life. The thing about this blog it was a assignment at first but the more I did it I enjoyed putting my voice out there where people can see how I feel. Well this experience is about how thinking outside the box can help you out.

This week the Samsung galaxy experience was at kent state university (that is a another blog post) but any way Samsung was here to bring the experience of galaxy products to the people. There were here for four days Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm so with in the busy life of Braylon Lee I went to it I signed up I just wanted to see what the deal was. It was not so much the product but being open to learning something new.

So at the event I got a nfc Bracelet which mean near field communication. So by signing up I have the chance to go to the American music awards all expenses paid from airfare to tickets to the event pretty cool. Also they are giving away ten galaxy devices so I wanted to win one of the ten devices, so I took photos that was ok but I started to take videos about the experience. So I recorded day one and wanted to tell the event on our campus station the producer of the show thought I was trying to promote Samsung and not the event plus I wanted to win a prize so they said no to the idea. But then I recorded a video for day one and then thought what if I just keep going with recording the videos, so I did seven videos recapping four days of the Samsung galaxy experience. In every video I was myself because I wanted to be different and so hopefully people will see the creativity and the humor plus the journey to get a chance to get something new for free, using old technology to get new technology.

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