A top 10

Check this out.

 10. Housework?

9. Dating A Vampire

8. Weight Loss

7. Music

6. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

5. Sports

4. Sleep

3. Food

2. Cell Phones

1. The Internet

Now you are wondering about this top 10, right. Well remember that blog post that said quote “Kids are said to fill our lives with poignancy and inexplicable joy, yet it appears many parents would rather be tossing back some bourbon and rolling around in their skivvies than taking care of their beloved offspring. A new study by Carsten Grimm from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand has found people rate sex as the top activity that brings them happiness, followed by drinking alcohol or “partying.” Caring for kids (yawn) fell down the list at number five. God also got the cold shoulder, with people rating meditating and religion at number four.” Well this top 10 is the top 10 things that are better than sex.

What do you think about this. Do you agree or disagree, Leave me a comment.

Know what you do and do what you know.

Braylon Lee


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